n. & v.
1 a a continuous unlimited area or expanse which may or may not contain objects etc. b an interval between one, two, or three-dimensional points or objects (a space of 10 metres). c an empty area; room (clear a space in the corner; occupies too much space).
2 a large unoccupied region (the wide open spaces).
3 = outer space.
4 an interval of time (in the space of an hour).
5 the amount of paper used in writing etc. (hadn't the space to discuss it).
6 a a blank between printed, typed, or written words, etc. b a piece of metal providing this.
7 Mus. each of the blanks between the lines of a staff.
1 set or arrange at intervals.
2 put spaces between (esp. words, letters, lines, etc. in printing, typing, or writing).
3 (as spaced adj.) (often foll. by out) sl. in a state of euphoria, esp. from taking drugs.
Phrases and idioms:
space age the era when space travel has become possible. space-bar a long key in a typewriter for making a space between words etc. space flight
1 a journey through space.
2 = space travel. space out put more or wider spaces or intervals between. space probe = PROBE n. 4. space rocket a rocket used to launch a spacecraft. space-saving occupying little space. space shuttle a rocket for repeated use esp. between the earth and a space station. space station an artificial satellite used as a base for operations in space. space-time (or space-time continuum) the fusion of the concepts of space and time, esp. as a four-dimensional continuum. space travel travel through outer space. space traveller a traveller in outer space; an astronaut. space vehicle = SPACECRAFT. space walk any physical activity by an astronaut in space outside a spacecraft.
spacer n. spacing n. (esp. in sense 2 of v.).
Etymology: ME f. OF espace f. L spatium

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